Superhero Wanted By Ozrael

Superhero Wanted By Ozrael: Are you a bored millionaire playboy? An evolutionarily deviant offshoot from humanity? A time traveler from the future armed with a deadly plethora of high-tech weaponry? A Norse God fallen to Earth in mortal form destined to return gloriously to the halls of Valhalla? A genetically engineered super-soldier? Perhaps you are a demon who has turned on his dark masters? The proud owner of 60 foot tall exo-skeleton equipped with tactical nuclear warheads and bio-armor plating? An alien from another planet? Are you imbued with magical powers? The sole surviving member of your clan, entrusted with the ancient arts of your people and mystical katana that glows with the souls of your ancestors? Are you a super-genius turned super-human by your own botched experiment? An escaped cyborg prototype? A robot able to take the form of a sportscar or large truck? A powerful interdimensional psychic vampire? Do you need a job? If you said yes, then we have the job for you. The Town Council of Oxford Pennsylvania has voted to secure, for the protection of our community, a superhero. (Cont)

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