Swine Flu: Can We Secure The Border Now?–UPDATED, UPDATED AGAIN WITH 1960s SWINE FLU VID

You know that impossible task, border control, is so incredibly daunting and shameful and racist and discriminatory and all…, but if America is swept with Swine Flu and thousands die, will our politically correct porous border still be morally defensible? From a “First, Do No Harm” perspective America’s current border policy seems, well, harmful.

This weekend, I read the coverage of Swine Flu. So far we have conspiracy theories, an unprepared government, weird press coverage, social psychology lessons, and we’re being educated on epidemiology and etiology.

I don’t think this outbreak will be the apocalyptic madness that some gleefully fear. Here’s what I wrote when everyone was apoplectic about Avian Flu in 2006 (more links at the link):

During the Swine Flu outbreak that DIDN’T happen, more people were damaged by the vaccine. Around eight people died in the US from the Swine Flu. Even that number is suspect.

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How to prepare for the Bird Flu:

1. Don’t go to China or any other country with a Bird Flu outbreak and work on a chicken farm.
2. Should it come to America: don’t work on a chicken farm.
3. Should it be transferred among people: Use quarantine methods–don’t take Nyquil and stupidly think that you’re not contagious.
4. Use common hygiene. Wash your hands (50% of you don’t after you pee, at least 30% don’t after going poop–what are you, some kind of sicko?). Stay away from public places.

At the grocery store one day, this moronic mother had her child slumped in the front of the grocery cart who had ACTIVE, as in red spots all over his body, Chicken Pox. This is highly contagious. What was she thinking?

The problem that will occur if a Pandemic hits, will be that people have zero common sense. Used to drugs that suppress symptoms (but the virus and bacteria are still active) they wrongly think that they are ok because they are on their feet. They’re not.

I bellyache about this at church all the time. People come in looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, all spaced-out and glassy-eyed. Church is a public place. School is a public place. Work is a public place. Spare everyone and STAY HOME! My one friend recently said, “I was glassy eyed because I was on this really good drug. It really helped.”

“But you were STILL SICK!” I protested.

“Naw,” he said in his “aw shucks” tough cowboy way, “I was fahn (fine)”.

Here are the CDC recommendations. Still, the best treatment for any communicable disease is quarantine and the U.S. government won’t recommend that for Mexico. They’ll screen at the border (since no one comes into the country any other way).

Back in the day, trade routes were the way disease spread geographically. This is still the case. Political correctness could kill us should a true pandemic ever erupt. And, I worry that the pandemic won’t be acknowledged until it’s too late.

UPDATE: Marathon Pundit asks,”Can Obama stop politicking for one minute?” Uh, no.

And the Twitterverse goes swine viral. [Funny]


Michelle Malkin talks about the Blame Bush mantra, blame Republicans and Chuckie Schumer….what, you didn’t think that Swine Flu would be Bush’s fault? Surely, you don’t pay attention.


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