Taking Responsibility, Obama-Style

Neo-neocon, always perceptive and always astute, here borders on genius.

Some little boys denied taking the cookie; others, caught with their hands in the jar, insisted they were actually putting it back in. And got away with it. When the man from Hope, Arkansas showed us how that was done, we were impressed. The one who sits in our White House right now, though can change the subject around mouthfuls of cookie. You just stand there and think “damn, I can’t remember what I wanted to talk to him about, but what he’s talking about sure sounds important…wish I hadn’t bothered him while he was in the middle of eating something.”

Note that nowhere does he admit any wrongdoing or culpability. The clues are in the little details of language; do not think for a moment that they are accidental. Obama’s ability to craft his balancing act is so precise that it has me in awe. Almost every word he utters is there for a careful strategic reason, to induce a particular psychological effect in the listener.

What happens when a fine surgical instrument is taken to one of Obama’s evasions? When the post-mortem is conducted with such care, such attention to detail, with every single layer peeled back, every single organ and gland meticulously removed, catalogued, photographed, inspected and slipped back in place? Click and find out.

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes.

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