Tamm The Traitor

ou know the NSA’s wiretapping permission? They get to listen in on foreigners blabbing about killing Americans and plotting badness. It’s how the Indian government knew about the Bombay bombing plot ahead of time but did nothing about it (small detail).

There are government agents sitting around listening to these inane conversations and they have to sort through the general infidel talk and find credible threats. Sometimes these terrorist jokers call an American citizen.

People concerned about civil liberties (and who isn’t) don’t like the idea of some government guy listening in on their scintillating conversations. On the other hand, there won’t be civil liberties to protect if there is no civilization because freaking death loving jerks obliterate it.

Well, a dude inside the NSA didn’t like the secret wiretapping of anyone, forget Americans, and “blew the whistle”. And by blowing the whistle, I don’t mean that he went to another agency big wig. He went to the ethical arbiter The New York Times and now, he’s explaining himself in Newsweek. From Wired (via Glenn Reynolds):

Opinions are divided on whether Thomas Tamm, the original source for The New York Times 2005 story on the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping, should be prosecuted for revealing classified information. Tamm is a former justice department prosecutor.

You know what? Tamm belongs in jail. He’s no patriot. He’s a traitor. His actions tipped terrorists and put soldiers in harms way. Screw him. This whole thing just angers me to no end. When you’re at war, and America and the whole of the democratic world is at war, you use what technology you can to help your side win.

I know there are complexities here and it I’m not tone-deaf to the concern over an individual’s right to privacy. Still, I don’t give a hot damn about a terrorists right to privacy. And if he calls America to talk to brother Hussein Mohammed, I want to know that too. When you’re buddies with a terrorist, you become suspect. Associations do matter (note to Barack Obama) and they can be leads to preventing crime.

Do Americans think that we’ve been attack-free for lo these many years because threats don’t exist? They exist. And they’re stopped. And they’re stopped by means such as the warrantless NSA programs. And I’m sorry it offends Mr. Tamm’s sensibilities. Too. Damn. Bad. This is a s time when you go through the proper channels or you shut the hell up. Newsflash Mr. Smartypants, this isn’t theoretical constitutional law here, lives are involved.

Okay, rant over. At Wired, they have a survey to decide which side is right. Go vote.

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