Tea Bag Envy And The Left’s Lack Of Imagination

I’m going to tell a story in pictures today. Since the Left, including the Legacy Media, simply cannot display any empathy–that is, since they are incapable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes–perhaps pictures will help them “see” what we on the Right see. Then again, maybe not.

Imagine being a conservative woman blogger. I don’t have to imagine, because that’s what I am. In fact, my local friend and often times, co-hort, Kathleen McKinley is also a woman blogger. We have both been subjected to vicious sexism, degrading insults and general antipathy because we are considered traitors to our gender. That is, we are breeders, we are anti-abortion, we are conservative, and we like men. Our critics don’t see the irony of degrading a woman for making a choice they disagree with, but I digress.

We also, it turns out, “whip up” people. We are powerful. Yes. We. Are.

Melissa & Kathleen

Like many bloggers across the country, Kathleen and I went to a Tea Party. In our case, we went into Houston, where estimates have the crowd at around 8,000 people. Kathleen was up on stage right and got some great crowd, performer and speaker pictures. I was mingling with the crowd.

I'm A Right Wing Extremist Baby

I brought my kids with me. One was sitting in that stroller you see. The crowd was filled with dangerous people–the elderly, children, college, students, and everyone in between. No wonder the government is on high alert.

Now, I think it’s important, here, to point out what a Leftist demonstration looks like and that it is rarely safe to bring children to those. Here is some visual evidence as to why.

Imagine, if you will, if the whole left had been singled out by the government in a report to police. Say, for example, you’re dangerous if you are still sporting a John Kerry or Al Gore for President sticker (something I saw a couple days ago). And one could argue that those people are a little dangerous…I mean, come on people, it’s been years. Get over it. Imagine how the Left would howl at that sort of over-generalized profiling.

Welcome Back Carter

The crowd was diverse. Imagine: There are black people who judge President Barack Obama not by the color of his skin but by the content of his policies. I know, it’s hard to fathom when you’re steeped in identity-politics and every position is defined by your gonads, skin and sexual identification, but can you at least try to imagine that there is diversity of thought in this country still?

Relaxed Police

That DHS report must have been taken seriously by Houston because there were police everywhere. And everywhere I went, they were hanging out, shooting the bull and looking bored or vaguely interested in the content. Some officers brought their horses as close as possible, and had a good view while they, too, listened to the speakers.

Republican + Democrats = Pigs

Oh, I know, when there’s a bunch of folks gathered and it wasn’t orchestrated by George Soros or his minions, there must be a conspiracy in there somewhere. Well, Rick Santelli’s rant started something, even he couldn’t fathom. People thought, you know what? Enough.

The general mood, as the picture above demonstrates was against all the fat cats in Washington, with a good dose of hostility toward the greedy Wall Street types so willing to gamble with someone else’s money. Republicans and Democrats got skewered.

Should politicians be afraid? Yes.

If they aren’t afraid, they’re beyond help. If they have any sense, they realize that people are sick to death of the way things have been. Mostly, people are sick of spending. Leftists, look at that picture again. See how the Republicans are portrayed? They’re pigs but just not as big of pigs as Democrats.

It’s the spending, stupid.

John Culberson Listening To Constituent

Some brave Republicans showed up. Above, you’ll see one. John Culberson is a Rep from Houston. The other is Sheila Jackson Lee. She did not show up. I took this picture on the outside of the square as he was entering. He said, “I don’t want to speak. Just let them know that I’m here.” And he didn’t speak. He did listen.

Many Republicans did not show up at the Tea Parties. They worried about being tarred and feathered. I think their absence demonstrated the weakness that so many find repulsive. If you’re going to vote like a Democrat, at least come and defend your reasons. If you’re going to spend our children and grand children into poverty, defend why it’s necessary.

Jane Galt

Jane Galt, it turns out, is hot. Many fine looking young people at the event.

John Galt

John Galt is also a fine looking specimen.

The gathering was also good humored. Unlike the sneering, frothing-at-the-mouth anger or childish temper tantrums displayed by the Left when they gather, the people at the Tea Party seemed to really be enjoying themselves. They didn’t even need hallucinogens, tie-dye or mud to have fun.

George Moustached Washington

Gotta love George Washington with a moustache.

And then, there’s the envy:

Thousands In Houston

The Tea Parties, around 300,000 in attendance nationwide, were a gathering of people, on a work day, no less, that the Left can only dream about. Sure, they’ve bussed people in for the nowhere near a Million Man March. But who did the organizing? Guys like Barack Obama who were paid “community organizers”. No such animal at these shindigs. Regular old people donated time, resources, and energy to make this happen.

Regular people in Cincinnati. Regular people in Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta. Regular people from Santa Ana. Regular people from everywhere.

Average Americans
This is America. And people like this couple showed up.

How did the Media cover these events, IF, they did? Well, FOX went live with it and covered all sorts of cities. CNN picked fights with attendees rather than report. MSNBC was embarrassing.

Imagine, if you will, that the Media, except one network, made fun of over 300,000 of their potential viewership. Imagine if the Million Man March, or even better, the Code Pink ladies, were treated with derision and scorn rather than seriousness. One could question whether, in Ma Sheehan’s case anyway, whether she should have been treated seriously. But everyone did. Everyone.

The Legacy Media has demonstrated why they are diminishing into irrelevance. They see no problem in portraying the electorate as stupid rubes if it doesn’t fit their own narrative. The Tea Bags have outed the Media once and for all.

They are in bed with President Obama’s administration and the Left generally and they don’t care who knows. It’s better this way. It’s better to be clear when it comes to propaganda. When it’s subtle. When a Dan Rather pretends at objectivity, it’s confusing. Not anymore. Now, we know.

Still, if the Left can imagine being on the other side, they might wonder how they’d feel if the Media attacked them. But then, why worry about what will never happen?

Cross-posted at MelissaClouthier.com

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