Tea Parties & Making A Difference

The recurring question after the Tea Parties has been “what now”?

Yesterday, I returned from the Sam Adams Alliance encouraged and more optimistic than I’ve been in a while about the direction of things. First, the winners of the awards are doing excellent work. Chad Everson of the GrizzlyGroundswell.com is empowering others in many states to blog locally. He won the Sammie for the Blogger of the year award. Ari Armstrong of FreeColorado.com is keeping the state government there accountable. Fred Baldwin of SchoolBoardTransparency.com is doing just that. Here’s Caleb Brown and Austin Bragg’s award-winning video about Virginia’s absurd liquor laws:

Second, the presenters were optimistic and fierce warriors, themselves. Michelle Malkin, Mary Katherine Ham, and John Fund presented, to name a few. John Fund, especially, was optimistic. He sees President Obama being the new Carter or Clinton. He feels that President Obama will usher in a conservative revival. Let’s hope he’s right.

And of course, for me, nerd blogger extraordinaire, a big part of the fun was hanging with my fellow bloggers who are doing awesome work in their own right: I got to meet Marathon Pundit who is fantastic, Bob Weeks and Earl F. Glynn, both local Kansas bloggers, and Doug Welch of Stix Blog.

The most heartening part of the experience was seeing many people who have never been involved much in politics getting motivated and involved. The power of new media was being spread to many who get their news by the MSM. One great moment was when Twitter was explained to mid-50’s business owner and he said, incredulously “the news doesn’t get filtered!”

Through blogs, Twitter, YouTube the message is hitting a critical mass and people never exposed want to learn so they too can spread a message unfiltered and distorted by the traditional media.

If you are the type of person who contributes to the movement with money, I’d recommend the Sam Adams Alliance. They’re doing great work.

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