Tea Party Brings Stalinist Show Trials

I was hoping the Tea Parties would bring media attention toward Barack Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility. That lasted about a day, didn’t it?

Now, it appears the Democrats have turned full circle and diverted their efforts toward “investigating” torture. This is clearly being done to remove the heat from the 500,000 “angry radicals” on tax day. Surely the media cannot be this naive.

Ignoring whether or not waterboarding is torture, the Democrats (i.e. Nancy Pelosi) knew who was waterboarded, when he was waterboarded, why he was waterboarded and what resulted from the waterboarding. Now the media will allow investigations to determine just that without calling the Democrats on their thuggery.

Best of all, these “investigations” will be run by the same Democrats who knew about the waterboarding. What would appear to be ripe for a young journalist to investigate the fix has instead turned the media into the public relations weapon for Barack Obama.

This is the kind of thing one would see in a Banana Republic, not in the freest country on Earth. In America, we don’t have investigations conducted by the political party that already knows all the answers to the questions. For once would the media attack Pelosi for the hypocrisy? I guess I’m asking for too much.

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