Team McCain Still Blaming Everyone Else

The election has been over for close to 3 months now, and the team that ran the McCain campaign into the ground is still blaming everyone else for their candidate’s shortcomings as well as their own.

Whether it was Nicolle Wallace or Steve Schmidt, leading right up to the election and then immediately after the loss, they wasted no time in jumping ugly with Conservatives and Sarah Palin as the reasons why John McCain lost the election.

Looking to save their careers and any future paychecks, these 2 backstabbing hacks fed stories, many of them false, to the media to help divert blame and attention from their own mishandling of the campaign.

Now, campaign manager Rick Davis has joined in the act, and has added his own 2 cents on reasons why the campaign failed: Conservatives and Rush Limbaugh:

Just when you thought Senator John McCain and his crew had finally left the scene after getting pounded last November, at least one prominent McCain operative has crawled out of his bunker long enough to blame McCain’s loss on Rush Limbaugh and conservatism.

That’s right. On January 15, 2009, McCain campaign manager Rick Davis appeared on BBC’s “Hardtalk” and credited McCain’s loss to “the Rush Limbaughs of the world who…literally almost feed the nativist attitude toward immigration reform” and the exclusivity of conservative principles. So the McCainiacs are still trying to blame the 2008 disaster on everyone except themselves and their candidate.

McCain surrounded himself with a bunch of backstabbing weasels, of course one could say that was a perfect match for the candidate himself. Once again disregarding the jump in the polls that Sarah Palin provided the campaign; energizing the base and giving the failing campaign a much needed boost, the weasels at Team McCain lay the blame at the door of Conservatives.

How about these problems. John McCain preaching that Government was to big and spending was to much, then flying back to DC and voting for the financial bailout. Do you think that had anything to do with the loss?

How about being lying over and over about illegal immigration and still pushing for amnesty as priority number one over securing the borders first?

What about having shared positions with your opponent on Global Warming, Embryonic Stem-Cell Research, Amnesty for Illegal Immigration and a whole host of others?

The fault totally lies with the candidate himself and his team of backstabbing weasels, who when faced with the possibility of losing the election, turned to smearing Sarah Palin BEFORE the election was over instead of trying to turn things around.

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