Thanks To RWN’s Readers

Thanks To RWN’s Readers: Since the year is almost over, I thought today would be a good time to say “thanks” to all of RWN’s readers for helping the page grow.

Back in April of 2002, when I switched over to a blogging format, RWN only received 30,000 hits and averaged about 300 daily uniques per day. Just to show you how much RWN has grown, this month RWN has pulled over 238,000 hits and is averaging around 4200 daily uniques. A couple of big links from Fark helped inflate that total, but RWN has still grown by leaps and bounds this year.

RWN has also gotten some attention from some notable sources on the web this year. We’ve been mentioned and/or linked by several publications of note including in an editorial by David Frum in The Daily Telegraph, Soldier Of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal’s Best Of The Web Today, The Corner, Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, The Online Telegram, and in an editorial by Glenn Reynolds on Tech Central Station. Couple those mentions with lots of links from the cream of the crop in the blogging world and with my being interviewed by Dawn Olsen and later by Laurence Simon and I’ve had a decent little year on the blogging circuit.

Thanks to all of RWN’s readers who helped get the word out about the page — especially whichever one of you sent me Michelle Malkin’s “Invasion” (I just received it today). Your eyeballs, your emails to your friends, and spreading the word about the page has helped RWN grow quite a bit this year and I appreciate it.

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