The 10 Most Watched Videos On Right Wing Video For March, 2009

10) Guess who’s coming for dinner through the cat door? Hint: It ain’t the cat

9) Tread Mills and Hip Hop Don’t Mix (Too Funny)

8)Apache Takes Out Tanker Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device With Hellfire Missile

7) Send ur wife to wife school

SEND UR WIFE TO WIFE SCHOOL.The top video clips of the week are here

6) Marines React to Bush vs. Marines React to Obama.

5) Table Dance FAIL. This is hilarious

4) Tough guy robber gets the ever living crap kicked out of him

3) Watch as an idiot convicted of attempted murder and assault for firing at a SWAT team taunts a judge who responds by giving him a 120 year sentence

2) Funny Car Ad

1) 2 Apaches Take Out 9 Armed Insurgents With 2 Hellfire Missiles And 30mm In Iraq

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