The 10 Top Tweets From This Week-End

Twitter seems to be reaching a tipping point on the right. More people seem to be getting on board every day, including big name peeps like Michelle Malkin.

Of course, Twitter isn’t for everyone. Most updates are daily activities, post promos, or bits of conventional wisdom that you can fit in 140 characters or less. If it sounds a little humdrum, that’s because it is — if you don’t know the people. Knowing what your friends and acquaintances are up to is a little more fun.

On the other hand, there are some people who drop genuinely intriguing comments on a regular basis. Here are 10 of my faves that I received this week-end on my personal Twitter account (I follow 52 people).

Davidall I’m taking bets on how quickly O switches away from the “Change” theme once he’s inaugurated. That day, the message becomes ours. Game on.

girlonetrack Wondering if there is a human equivalent of catnip. We’d all be better off rolling around, purring & having our tummies tickled, I think.

JonHenke Andrew Sullivan says he “begged” McCain campaign to give him something to “kill” the Palin baby story off. I would’ve suggested dignity.

DrewCurtis Here’s an example of how far we’ve come in race relations: we’ve got a black president and there were no riots over OJ going to jail

Davidall “If you want to succeed, get some enemies.” -Thomas Edison, 1898

abigvictory email: “..obviously you never loved an addict.” Wrong. I loved him. I pulled my sister off his dead body while his baby cried. So f*ck you.

rightwingsparkl@UpNorthMommy I have a bread machine too. It’s called my hubby. That’s right. From scratch. But that’s all he does. Heh.

abigvictory Call me crazy, but spending the night killing hordes of zombies together makes me really f*cking horny.

girlonetrack I actually said “pfft” in conversation with my parents earlier today. If I ever end up saying “meh” out loud someone please slap me, thanks

abigvictory We don’t have casual Friday at work. I mean, I work in civil service. Where do you go after sweat pants and Winnie the Pooh tshirts?

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