The 10 Worst Quotes/Excerpts From The Daily Kos For 2008

* Note that all of the quotes you are about to read come from the writers at the Daily Kos, not the commenters.

10) “You Americans Aren’t Selfish Enough

“You pay all these taxes but you don’t want anything in return for it. You don’t want free health care. You don’t want time off of work. You don’t want anything. You’re not selfish enough.

You get mad when someone is taking welfare and sitting on their *ss. What have you got against sitting on your *ss? The whole point behind having a government and paying taxes is to have more time to sit on your *ss. That’s what technology is for. You Americans work longer than anyone, pay all these taxes, make all these robots, and then not only don’t you sit on your *ss, but you get mad when anyone else does. You’re f*cking crazy.

…Growing up means understanding self-regard. And you got none. You think anything for you must be bad. You’re like a kid whose hand has been slapped above the cookie jar. Thing is, you made the cookies, idiot. This is your country, your government, and your taxes . . . you get to say what is done with it. And here’s a clue: you want to sit on your *ss more. You want free health care.” — LithiumCola

9) “What if Obama is the second coming of Jesus Christ?

I’m not a religious person however I’d like to point out a funny irony that would be better suited for a cartoonist.

What if all of the religious nuts were bashing the second coming of their Christ and they didn’t even know it? Fathered by a Kenyan Muslim profit who left after his task was done. To seed a woman who in the heartland of America(a country who “is losing its way”). Then takes him on a journey of awaking across the world, then back home to spread the word of the lord through a process of education an then actions in the community.” — manumit

8) “Darth Cheney has made repeated promises to both the Saudi royals and the Israeli Likudists (in my minds ear) that America will destroy the energy capabilities of Iran, but to date, Darth has not been able to manufacture the impetus for it. My conspiracy theory is that a false flag attack on Obama, would inspire the shock and anger of the American people to give the green light for the mass bombing of Iran, perhaps including nukes.” — ST2P

7) “I’m sorry but it just sickens me to read diary after diary of silly, bleeding-heart little condolensces to (Tony) Snow and his family.

…Tony Snow was a co-conspirator in probably the largest know fraud ever perpetuated and executed on the American public by it’s own elected executive branch.

He was Fox news anchor in the likes of Hannity, Cavueto, & Wallace. This guy was a practiced liar and propagandist before he ever stepped foot into the White House Press briefing room. The precise reasone Bush chose him was for his ability to so effectively lie and dance around tough questions that the American people demanded answers to.

So now he’s dead. I said “good riddance” and hell, some of your are falling over each other to condem me for it…” — Liquidstroke

6) “The United States of America are on the brink of a major revolution. I am not talking about some fuzzy “internet revolution” or similar hogwash but the real McCoy.

I mean armed uprising, riots, civil war. The full Monty.

…This election, and the way an Obama administration is going to perform, is the crossroads for the American Nation. Either reform or revolution. The powers to be are not going to cede their powers voluntarily. They never do. If Obama fails, there will be someone else and there is no guarantee that this is not going to be someone like Lenin, or worse, Hitler.” — Sebastian likes to rattle cages

5) “But it appears that Palin’s last child, a baby with Down’s syndrome, may not be hers. It may be that of her teenage daughter.

…Apparently her teenage daughter was out of school, unseen, for months, because she “had mono”.

I’m not quite sure what to think of this. Seeing as how she opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest maybe she’s actually not a hypocrite.

Normally I’d say this is a totally private issue for them, but seeing as how she’s quite willing to butt into the private lives of every other American woman, I think it’s fair game.” — Inky99

4) “…Before the covetous Zionist movement multiply like cancer cells, there was a degree of harmony between the Palestinian Arab and the Semite Jew of Israelite origin who share ethnic heritage in common as the descendants of Abraham

…It is a matter of Israeli policy to engage in militaristic war cry of ultra-nationalistic morale, deception, cruelty, thievery, subversion, assassination, sabotage and warfare by belligerence to achieve its objectives for supreme rule.

…It thus emerged as a major power and a formidable challenger of existing Arabic powers that will decide the fate of the world, beginning with November 22, 1963 coup d’etat in CIA-MOSSAD coordinated assassination of President Kennedy which unnaturally led to the hasty re-evaluation of American foreign policy for adjustion that align with the interests of Israeli state for total compatibility in irreversibly entangled alliance.

…This is the bidding of a farewell formed in the extension of a middle finger by the militantly atheistic Luciferian Ashkenazic Jewish sect that – resolved they be – believe in – by genetic predisposition and/or indoctrination from birth – supremacism of the Master Race, because they have accomplished the goal of procreating State of Israel to dominate in hegemony by the art of seduction, after centuries of persecution and expulsion on charge of treason by subversion of host nations, blood rituals in human sacrifice of Gentile children, corruption and ravishing of women, conspiracy to injure and murder esteemed officers & rulers and usurious & fraudulent deed in union with the spiritual descendants of the wicked Jews of the extinct Sadducee sect, the persecutor and abetted executioner of Jesus Christ, propagating fruition of the species as the “Chosen One” and bringing the world to its knees without mercy for subservience and obedience by slavery (brainwash) and tyranny.

…Israel’s fate is uncertain, but I am positively certain it will, to paraphrase Ayatollah Khomeini, “vanish from the page of time”. Its eventual destruction will be effectuated by its own hands — the checkmate action that fit the personas of a maddeningly ambitious, ferocious, delusional and suicidal psychopath.” — nepos libertas

“3) How to defeat military recruiters: overwhelm them with decoys!

I truly believe that antiwar activists should focus our energies on military recruitment. The empire will modify its militarism only if is does not have sufficient bodies and minds to run all its ongoing and contemplated wars.

….The best way to accomplish this is to overwhelm the recruitment system with decoy targets. Antiwar persons, especially youth, should contact their local recruiter and express interest in learning about the career opportunities that exist for them in the US military. They can schedule appointments, attend meetings, take tests, ask questions, whatever. The whole point would be to waste the recruiters’ time and energy. An hour spent recruiting somebody who isn’t intersted is an hour not spent recruiting somebody who is interested.

…I do not assert that military recruiters are the worst people on earth or anywhere near as bad as Bush, his cabinet, or the CEO of Halliburton, only that recruiting is where the military-corporate establishment is most vulnerable, the Achilles heel of the evil system, the place where we should strike.” — acquittal

2) “Am I supposed to love America? I mean, I think it is rather silly when politicians say it is the greatest country in the world.

…Now, of course I realize that politicians are merely engaging in fluffy, feel good hyperbole, but it is just a pet peeve of mine.

…But I don’t understand how you are expected to love your country. It really just doesn’t make any sense to me; it is like dividing by zero.

Patriotism also seems largely irrational to me.

…I am not quite sure why it would be a bad thing that a person did not love America, or was not proud of it (Of course, pride is another matter entirely, but I disagree with it in general).

And then there is the whole “sharing American values”, that both sides use, which I just completely don’t get.” — Tsukasa Buddha

1) “The United States needs to be invaded – not just invaded – occupied.

…We have allowed a Congress and an administration to encourage hate and to hi-jack our compassion. In fact, as a nation we have lost our compassion.

Unfortunately, America is at a point that to be able to really feel again, to regain that compassion, it needs to be invaded and occupied in the same way that we have invaded and occupied Iraq. Then there might be a greater chance that Americans will be more reluctant to accept the invasion of another country. Maybe seeing and feeling the same level of destruction that we have inflicted on Iraq, at least the American public will understand why invading another country is unconscionable except in the most dire circumstances – which means after that country has directly attacked the United States. And that has not happened since World War II.” — professorfate

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