The 20 Most Viewed Columns On Conservative Grapevine For 2008

Here are the top 20 most viewed articles on Conservative Grapevine for 2008 that were written by columnists.

20) Mark Steyn: Obama nears the ‘now what?’ moment

19) Ann Coulter: My father passed away Friday morning…

18) Robert Novak: Trouble ahead for Obama

17) Peggy Noonan: They’re paying attention now.

16) Ann Coulter: This is not a drill

15) Ann Coulter: To the swift goes the racist

14) Dick Morris: Dems’ big blunder at the convention and McCain’s big chance

13) Ann Coulter: Red hoax blue hoax

12) Jonah Goldberg: Cinderella vs. the Barracuda

11) Ann Coulter: Genius, thy name is Obama

10) Ann Coulter: Most people outside of New York can’t grasp the enormity of Spitzer’s political free fall.

9) Rush Limbaugh: We could see a McCain landslide

8) Karl Rove: Obama can’t win against Palin

7) Ann Coulter: They gave your mortgage to a less qualified minority (Excellent)

6) Ben Stein: Everything you wanted to know about the credit crisis but were afraid to ask

5) Spengler: How Obama lost the election

4) Bob Owens: What I learned attempting to carry a handgun almost everywhere I went for 6 months.

3) John Stossel: The left is wrong

2) James Lyons: The Obama hoax

1) David Kahane: I hate you Sarah Palin

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