The 7th Annual Right Wing News Conservative Blog Awards

In order to recognize the excellent work some of our fellow bloggers have been doing, RWN has put together the “7th Annual Right Wing News Conservative Blog Awards.”* More than 250 bloggers were invited to vote for their favorite blog in numerous categories and 46 responded.

Here were the rules of the contest:

1) For every category except “The Best Blog Overall,” each judge was allowed to make 1-5 unranked selections. The winner of each category was the blog with the most votes.

In “The Best Blog Overall” category, the judges made 1-15 unranked selections. Rank in that category was also based on the number of votes received.

The winner of each category is presented below with their total number of votes in parentheses beside of them.

2) The judges were not allowed to vote for my blogs since I’m sponsoring the contest.

Before the results are presented, here’s a list of the judges. RWN appreciates their participation…

The Anchoress, Atlas Shrugs, Betsy’s Page, BitsBlog, Blonde Sagacity, Bookworm Room, Bright & Early, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Confederate Yankee, Conservatism Today, Conservative Grapevine, Copious Dissent, Doubleplusundead, Dr. Helen, Ed Driscoll, Cassy Fiano, Gina Cobb, Exurban League, Katie Favazza, Fraters Libertas, Ghost of a Flea, House of Eratosthenes, IMAO, Jihad Watch, Libertarian Republican, Little Miss Attila, Lotus Blog, Mean Ol’ Meany , Moonbattery, mountaineer musings, My Aisling, Neo-Neocon, No Runny Eggs, The Nose On Your Face, The Pink Flamingo Bar & Grill, Pirate’s Cove, Pursuing, Riehl World View, The Rougblog, Don Singleton, Sister Toldjah,, Don Surber, Villainous Company, Vox Popoli, Wolking’s World,

Now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the results:

The Funniest Blog

4) Scrappleface (8)
3) IMAO (11)
2) Ace of Spades HQ (20)
1) Iowahawk (20)

Best Designed Blog

3) Michelle Malkin (6)
2) Little Green Footballs (6)
1) Hot Air (14)

Best Original Reporting By A Blog

4) Patterico’s Pontifications (5)
3) The Jawa Report (5)
2) ZombieTime (7)
1) Michelle Malkin (10)

Best Horse Race Blog (Best election coverage & analysis from a blog)

4) The Corner (4)
3) Redstate (4)
2) The Campaign Spot (5)
1) Hot Air (11)

Favorite Political Website That’s Not A Blog

4) Townhall (4)
3) National Review (6)
2) The Drudge Report (7)
1) RealClearPolitics (9)

Favorite Columnist Who’s Not A Blogger

Charles Krauthammer (6)
Mark Steyn (6)
Ann Coulter (9)
Thomas Sowell (12)

Most Annoying Left-Of-Center Blogger

Glenn Greenwald (7)
Kos (8)
Andrew Sullivan (19)

Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger

2) Andrew Sullivan (4)
1) Debbie Schussel (6)

Most Overrated Blog

4) Little Green Footballs (4)
3) Andrew Sullivan (4)
2) Instapundit (6)
1) Daily Kos (10)

Best Linker

3) Michelle Malkin (5)
2) Hot Air (5)
1) Instapundit (20)

The Best Original Content For A Blog

3) Iowahawk (4)
2) Hot Air (5)
1) Ace of Spades HQ (23)

The Best Blog Overall

12) The Anchoress (4)
12) Betsy’s Page (4)
12) QandO (4)
12) Patterico’s Pontifications (4)
10) Rachel Lucas (5)
10) Power Line (5)
9) The Jawa Report (6)
8) Little Green Footballs (7)
6) Newsbusters (8)
6) Instapundit (8)
5) The Corner (9)
4) Gateway Pundit (10)
3) Ace of Spades HQ (13)
2) Michelle Malkin (17)
1) Hot Air (22)

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* The name was changed from the “Warblogger Awards” to the “Right Wing News Conservative Blog Awards” last year. That’s because the term “warblogger” used to be regularly applied to conservative bloggers, but has in recent years fallen out of favor. Since the term “warblogger” is so seldom used these days, it was causing some confusion, because some people seemed to associate it with military bloggers. Because of that, it seemed like a good idea to change the name of the awards.

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