The American Left and a Fear of Rabbits

Remember back during the Carter years when that good ol’ president from Georgia was frightened by a killer rabbit? Remember how real men everywhere ridiculed the Man from Plains for being afraid of rabbits? With that incident in mind, I cannot help but feel that the entire, unhinged left is currently in a state of a fear of rabbits. The left is collectively unmanning itself over fear of “the right,” a political grouping that is essentially harmless when compared to the level of faux alarm on the left or even when compared to themselves in years past.

Examples are everywhere, but I will suffice with two for our purposes here. The first is a column by James Zogby in The National. Muslim apologist and lefty alarmist Zogby had his killer rabbit moment in his ridiculously headlined, “Anti-Obama Fringe Scarier Than Ever,” in which he purports to detail how frightening the American right wing is. Sadly for Zogby his efforts end up seeming absurd with his over-the-top concern of the rabbits on the right.

Zogby is all worried over the “scary fringe” of the right as they worry themselves over Obama’s place of birth and his Muslim heritage. Zogby tries his best to spin fear out of some misinformed folks on the right but he fails to prove that anything “scary” is going on in the American right wing. It isn’t for lack of trying, of course — he uses the word “scary,” “nutty,” and “fringe” over and over in a valiant attempt to cajole the reader into becoming alarmed.

Unfortunately for his fearmongering, Zogby doesn’t really give any example of anything “scary.” There is no violence described, no oppression, no powerful discrimination, in short nothing he mentions coming from the right wing is truly scary. Off color? Perhaps. Annoying? Probably to some. But “scary”? No.

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In comparison to the extreme left in America, right wing “birthers” have been model citizens. Sure they are disgusted with Obama and they have been vocal about how much they despise his socialist experimenting with our beloved country. But these are political opinions and last I checked the Constitution asserts each American’s right to voice them. On the other hand, the left wing in the USA has a long, long history of property destruction, riots, and violence. From animal nuts, to envro nuts, to anti-WTO crazies, the left is truly a scary, violent element in American life.

But can anyone remember the last riot sponsored by a conservative group or any mass violence that came out of a conservative protest? Can anyone remember a group coming from the right that has emulated violence like that perpetrated by the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, the Animal Liberation Front, communists or even the Democratic Party itself? Unfortunately for Zogby’s rabbit moment, there is nothing remotely scary about the right.

Additionally, I’d like to point out the hypocrisy of Zogby’s venue. His prosaic article was published by a paper out of the Middle East — Abu Dhabi, to be precise. Imagine the gall of this guy printing a story about how “scary” the American right is in a newspaper published in the Middle East. There are fewer more violent and truly scary places on earth than that region so filled with racists, hatemongers, murderers, and oppressors than the Mid East! And this guy is calling American conservatives scary in a venue form that area? Please, spare us your ignorance Mr. Zogby.

My second example comes from the absurdly named lefty group Think Progress. Last week TP was all exercised over what it called a “leaked memo” that was supposedly found put out by a righty tea party group out of Connecticut. The memo described ways to “disrupt” townhall meetings so that the conservative message could get through.

Think Progress sonorously warned that the memo proved that conservatives were becoming “violent” and “absurd” with their activism against Obamacare and Obama’s socialist economic plans. Amusingly, this extremist, lefty group also seemed to decry the fact that the conservatives were daring to organize protests against Obamacare at all, as if the very idea of creating mass protests was somehow un-American.

Of course, it is utter hypocrisy for an extremist, leftist group to decry mass protests considering the fact that the left has launched violent protests for decades in this country. And not just as far back as the Vietnam war, either, but as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s when anarchists and communists incited strikes, riots and carried out bombing campaigns across the country killing many Americans.

If these lefty groups acting all Chicken Little because conservatives are causing the sky to fall put even a second’s thought to the current situation, they’d easily realize that the way the right is conducting itself at townhall meetings and tea party protests are as milquetoasty as can be.

Ah, but then we wouldn’t have a lefty rallying call of those “scary” and “violent” conservatives to scare everyone with, now would we?

And speaking of “violence,” Think Progress claimed that the right is getting violent at the various townhalls being held to discuss Obamacare, yet offered not a single example of it. Naturally, the reason they offered no example is because there isn’t any to offer. These hatemongering lefties simply state that there is violence on the right and moves on as if the case is obvious. Sadly, too many of the unthinking, brainwashed left will take them at their word even without any proof.

As I said, thus far the American right has perpetrated no violence and has done nothing really very scary. There really is little to fear from them. In fact, the right has done nothing but carry on in an orderly, yet still intense, American manner with their advocacy. It’s all been about information, organization, and voting. When compared to the mayhem and murder of militant Islam or even the lesser, yet still violent, American left, conservatives have been rabbits before lions. Yet these lefty, prevaricators are absurdly pretending that the American right is just as “dangerous” and “scary” as they have traditionally been.

What is ultimately scary, though, is the fact that the left is so disinterested in the truth in favor of their ideological talking points that they will say and do anything to win despite what it does to the country. Now that is scary.

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