The American Way Of Rebuilding

The American Way Of Rebuilding: They’re still trying to figure out what to build at the WTC site but I love this idea

“Several new plans for Ground Zero call for erecting what would be the tallest building in the world on the disaster site – giving terror-battered lower Manhattan a new, distinctive skyline, sources said yesterday. The new skyscraper would rise about 1,500 feet, eclipsing the world’s tallest buildings, the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, which stand 1,483 feet.

The building would not touch the footprint of the twin towers. Some of the seven new plans reserve the footprint for memorials – including an amphitheater dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The bold proposals are part of more expansive plans being presented privately this week to rebuilding officials. A master plan is expected to be finalized by Jan. 31, under a new fast-tracked schedule.”

There’s just something so powerful, so defiant, about those plans. You knocked down the WTC? Fine, we’ll come back and build the world’s tallest building as replacement. In your face al-Queda. I don’t know if they’ll actually go this way, but I’d really be pleased if they did…

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