The Audacity Of eBay Auctions: 21 Million For This Barack Obama Painting?

So, what do you think? Is it worth 21 million dollars?

Obama Change Painting

I’m looking at that floppy octopus arm Obama is holding the change in and the fact that this painting is for sale on eBay and thinking, “no.”

On the other hand, the artist is playing it up for all its worth,

Make An Offer !!

The highest offer will win this painting. Any offers under $19,000.00 will be automatically rejected.

He also claims that his most recently sold painting “The Dutch Masters” went for $10,156.00. Course, I found one he sold on eBay at the end of Feb for $79. Maybe that’s his 2nd most recently sold painting?

Still, I would like to encourage any rich liberals who run across this post to head over and bid on this painting. After all, better that they spend 21 million dollars on this painting than spend it on the hordes of liberal groups that are working day and night to destroy everything that’s good and decent about this country.

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