The Best Columnists In The Business

The Best Columnists In The Business: My favorite editorial columnists on the net in order…

10) Michelle Malkin: Michelle somehow manages to ferret out gripping stories no one else is talking about for her columns.

9) Andrew Sullivan: I enjoy Sully’s editorials quite a bit. Now if he’d just set up a separate permalink on his blog for every post he makes he’d really be rolling.

8) Dick Morris: Dick Morris is a purely political animal and that’s why I like him. His columns rarely take anything into consideration other than the political ramifications an act. Some might call that cynical but I think of it as a fresh perspective.

7) Charles Krauthammer: An insightful, thoroughly Conservative writer who doesn’t get his due. He’s not as flashy as some of the other people on the list but rarely does he write a bad column.

6) Walter Williams: Nobody in the business is better at taking a complex subject, particularly an economic one, and breaking it down so that it’s easy to understand.

5) David Horowitz: Horowitz is a brilliant writer who never hesitates to tackle controversial subjects and who delights in savaging the excesses to the left.

4) Jonah Goldberg: Goldberg may be the most thought provoking editorial writer out there. Every 3 or 4 columns he writes something so profound that I end talking about it on RWN.

3) Ann Coulter: Unequaled in ferocity, Ann Coulter is not only never boring, she’s the left’s toughest critic.

2) Victor Davis Hanson: Elegant writing and Hanson’s extensive knowledge of military history make VDH’s Friday columns required reading.

1) Mark Steyn: Steyn is a truly gifted wordsmith who can turn a phrase, make you laugh, or hammer home a point better than anyone else in the business.

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