The Best Quotes From Margaret Thatcher’s ‘Statecraft’

by John Hawkins | February 17, 2003 12:49 am

The Best Quotes From Margaret Thatcher’s ‘Statecraft’:[1] There have only been two European leaders in the last century that I actually respect and admire. One was Winston Churchill and the other is Margaret Thatcher. That being said, I was looking forward to reading “Statecraft” and finding out a bit more about how the “Iron Lady” viewed the world.

Well, after reading the book, I’d say it’s absolutely indispensable for people who are interested in foreign affairs. That’s because Thatcher has a unique perspective on the nations she talks about. Not only has studied them and been able to get the views of experts in the field, but she has visited almost everywhere she discusses and has had the opportunity to actually talk with leaders & dignitaries during her visits. Furthermore, since Thatcher has actually led a great power like Britain, she has a perspective that most historians and students of these nations will never have.

Then there is Thatcher’s rock ribbed Conservatism, an assortment of interesting facts and charts, her advocacy of free market principles, and her determination to set the record straight on the Cold War. All those things put together made this a fascinating book. In fact, this book was so good that I was easily able to select more than fifty quotes from it that I thought were worth sharing. Read and enjoy…

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