The Breakfast Club

Early this morning, about 6:35 AM, I made a 2nd appearance on the The Breakfast Club, which is supposedly the hottest talk radio show in Jamaica. According to my statistics page, I’ve had one visitor from Jamaica today, so either they’re not so hot, I didn’t do so well, or maybe Jamaica is just a liberal country =D.

Anyways, I was on for 25 minutes with some guy from Chuck Schumer’s staff talking about the 2008 elections. We spent most of the time talking about Hillary (although we also had a healthy dose of Condi discussion) and the host spent a lot of time buttering up the Schumer staffer while he tossed out the standard, boring lines about Republicans (Oh, they hate blacks and poor people).

It was especially ironic to hear the guy try to claim Republicans would never warm up to Condi because she’s black, when, if she runs, it’ll be Democrats throwing Oreo cookies at her and calling her a race traitor. I also made sure to point out that Democrats will be falling all over themselves to insinuate that she’s a lesbian if she runs.

The appearance was a little odd because of some of the questions they asked. They spent a lot of time focusing on whether Hillary could actually win the Democratic primaries, which is a bit odd since she’s almost universally thought to be the heavy favorite.

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But, all in all, it was fun. I’ve been planning to try to do a little more radio this year, so it was nice to get in the air time…

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