The Cash For Clunkers Program In A Nutshell

Congress is borrowing billions of dollars from the Chinese to use as an incentive to convince people to DESTROY their WORKING American cars so they can buy brand new foreign cars. Ostensibly, the reasoning behind the program is to help the car industry and improve the mileage of cars on the road. However, there aren’t going to be enough cars going through the program to make a real impact on the amount of fuel the nation consumes and it’s primarily foreign car makers who are being helped.

PS: Some people have claimed that the program is popular. The polling numbers I’ve seen don’t bear that out, although I could certainly understand if the people getting money for nothing are happy with the situation. But, the rest of America sees the obvious truth: the government is running this program with cars, but they could do the same thing with washers, dryers, TVs, refrigerators, computers, etc., etc. Meanwhile, we’re running an almost 2 trillion dollar deficit that we’ll be lucky to pay off by the time our children’s children die of old age.

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