“The Climate Change Delusion”

“Last year, an anxious, depressed 17-year-old boy was admitted to the psychiatric unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. He was refusing to drink water. Worried about drought related to climate change, the young man was convinced that if he drank, millions of people would die. The Australian doctors wrote the case up as the first known instance of “climate change delusion.”

Robert Salo, the psychiatrist who runs the inpatient unit where the boy was treated, has now seen several more patients with psychosis or anxiety disorders focused on climate change, as well as children who are having nightmares about global-warming-related natural disasters.

Sure, some nutty kid has been so freaked out by completely non-existent global warming that he’s not even drinking water, but that’s a small price to pay for all the money Al Gore has made scaring nitwits. Plus, look at all the scientists who are being given grants to prove that global warming is occurring — even though all scientific evidence has pointed in exactly the opposite way for years.

As President Government has publicly confirmed, all spending is stimulus for the government and in these troubling times, when we’re spending 800 billion dollars of our children’s money on unions, ACORN, and everybody else who ever gave a campaign contribution to a Democratic congressman, can we really afford to risk all those “green jobs,” government grants, and money for Al Gore by actually debating the science involved? I think not!

Hat tip to Hot Air for the story.

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