The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: Barack Obama, Your Own Personal Jesus

You’d think that over time, as people became more exposed to his habitual dishonesty, megalomania, and radicalism, that the “messiah complex” around Obama would wear off.

Apparently, that’s not so at the Daily Kos where diarist manumit writes,

What if Obama is the second coming of Jesus Christ?

I’m not a religious person however I’d like to point out a funny irony that would be better suited for a cartoonist.

What if all of the religious nuts were bashing the second coming of their Christ and they didn’t even know it? Fathered by a Kenyan Muslim profit who left after his task was done. To seed a woman who in the heartland of America(a country who “is losing its way”). Then takes him on a journey of awaking across the world, then back home to spread the word of the lord through a process of education an then actions in the community.

The bible says “the lord shall come as a man whom blind followers will not see”.

So next time you run into a religious nut and they start talking about all of this deep mystical Muslim / African non-sense. Just remind them where Jesus came from, and where the human race came from. Then make up a bible quote like the one I posted above.

Trust me, after reading the title of the post, the “I’m not a religious person” line wasn’t really necessary. Heck, for that matter, given the general anti-Christian attitude on the Daily Kos, just enjoying the blog enough to read it on a daily basis is a pretty good indication you’re not a religious person — well, maybe you could be into Satanism. Satanists would fit in well there.

But, you know why there is such a cultish vibe around Barack Obama? Do you want the honest truth, even though it will offend a few people out there? It’s because such a large percentage of the hard core liberal activists are atheists who futilely try to use politics as a substitute for religion.

Hat tip to Gateway Pundit for the story.

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