The Democrat Party of Yes, Yes, Yes!

The Republican party gets derisively called the Party of No. More like, they’re the party of “Maybe” which is why they’ve been hated so much recently. Will they or won’t they? No one can predict and they end up being very ugly, Arlen Specterish teases flopping all over the issues and standing for none.

Not so the Democrats. They know what they want, baby, and they Want It All. And some of that, too!

Like Iowapundit’s Hoosgow Honeys, the Democrats have been sprung and they are wanton. In bed with Teachers Unions, Labor Unions, every identity-politics group, the Democratic party is indulging in simultaneous Obasms. And they’re just getting started. Four months in, the coke has hit the bloodstream. This summer is going to be a wild government gluttonous ride.

Bank bailouts? Yes! Government and union control of GM and other private companies? Yes! Government run health care? Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Americans are so screwed.

This is a one-sided pleasure-fest. While the Democrats are on their sleazy spree, Americans are having to pay for it. And boy, will they pay.

Suddenly, a cautious, more-chaste government sounds better. Suddenly, the Party of No seems preferable to the party of I Can’t Say No and Spontaneous Obasms. Too late.

And even still, part of the reason the Republicans aren’t in power is because no one likes a tease. Trying to play the tramp and pretending at the church lady doesn’t work. Still, looks like the Republicans in D.C. are continuing to try to walk that insane line. “We’re not that bad!” “We just sell our souls a little, they like do it all the time!”

Yeah. That flies.

The rampage the Democrats are on right now just might convince the Americans that marginally slutty is better than full throttle prostitute. Unfortunately, they’ll be stuck with some sort of “reminder” of the Democrats wanton ways…a recurring rash, no doubt. But, dude, what a wild ride.

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