The Democratic Underground Is Fascinating

The Democratic Underground Is Fascinating: I have come to enjoy watching the liberals at the Democratic Underground in their natural environment. I could literally do 3 or 4 ACPOTIs a week just from the stuff I find at the DU. The paranoia and ultra-leftism over there is so thick that it’s almost as if you’ve entered the Twilight Zone. Let me just give you some of the thread titles in the general forum of this mainstream page for Democrats and you’ll see what I mean…

– Wellstone Theory (About the Wellstone “assassination”)

– Anyone worried about Byrd??? (Will Robert Byrd be assassinated?)

– The Kosovo war: Who here accepts the “official” reason for it?

– Were World Trade Terrorists Lucky? (“I’d hate to think some Americans let it happen on purpose”)

– WHY IS THE VNS WITHHOLDING EXIT POLL DATA? (Many posters speculate GOP stole the election)

– brief history of Nazi/Republican ties

– Bush’s target isn’t Iraq, it’s US!

– These are the FACTS. When will we ever hear the TRUTH? (Speculating that GOP fixed the elections)

– Wonder what it would take (“for the survivors of September 11 to have their “revenge” or for Bush to have his “comeuppance” concerning that.”)

– Why is today abnormally paranoid?

– Does anyone here NOT believe elections were rigged?

– Is the American Dream a Ponzi Scheme?

– is there anyone in DU who is willing to laydown their life for freedom? (“When the police state takes hold…WOULD YOU TAKE UP ARMS FOR THE SAKE OF RESTORING FREEDOM?”)

– Bush Gestapo can stop/search in NYC, SF, LA, Seattle,…

– quote: Bush is a slimeball, scumbag loser………

– A Fascist Fairy Tale, Circa 1938

– Finally! A Real Tinfoil Hat!

– Does this scare you? It scares the bejeezus outta me!

– The odds the election were legit are NOT 1 in 363,000.

– What Bodies? does Gulf War I explain Bush control of Powell?

– An article with a a great idea: Utopian Defense Policies

– I’m Truly Becoming Frightened that We Are Not Protected.

How could it be that the Democrats have lost control of the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, and the majority of governorships? It must be the “Bush family evil empire” at work! It certainly couldn’t be that independent voters are turned off by all of this hysterical leftism and paranoia could it?

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