The Democrats’ Best Kept Secret

In light of race having become such a highly discussed issue in recent politics because of Barack Obama and Michael Steele, I think it’s appropriate to point out a very overlooked fact that seems to be completely distorted by the average liberal: that Martin Luther King, Jr., ever invoked by the guilt-laden Democrat, was a Republican – registered and all.

It shouldn’t even be a question, considering the values he championed, the beliefs he preached, and the way he lived his life. And yet we constantly hear Democratic leaders referencing him as though they had taken up his battle and were seeing it to fruition. Perhaps worst of all has been during Obamamania, where liberals were even brazen enough to sell Barack Obama tee shirts with King’s image shadowing Obama’s face. During the inauguration it couldn’t have been said enough that “Martin Luther King would have been proud to see this day.” And I couldn’t have cringed enough.

I guess Republicans are still asleep, because I can’t understand why else they would let this utter lie run so rampant in our country and beyond when the truth is available to those who care to seek it. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of my all-time most admired heroes, was a registered Republican since 1956. Liberals rely on the lie that Republicans are elitist, racist, and the party of the rich white male. Interestingly enough, however, anyone with who does a little digging into American history should be able to see that most champions of black civil rights were, in fact, Republicans.

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. And as one pundit so succinctly stated, the Democrat Party is as it always has been, the party of the four S’s: slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.

It was the Democrats who fought to keep blacks in slavery and passed the discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. The Democrats started the Ku Klux Klan to lynch and terrorize blacks. The Democrats fought to prevent the passage of every civil rights law beginning with the civil rights laws of the 1860s, and continuing with the civil rights laws of the 1950s and 1960s.

During the civil rights era of the 1960s, Dr. King was fighting the Democrats who stood in the school house doors, turned skin-burning fire hoses on blacks and let loose vicious dogs. It was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and sent troops to Arkansas to desegregate schools. President Eisenhower also appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the U.S. Supreme Court, which resulted in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision ending school segregation. Much is made of Democrat President Harry Truman’s issuing an Executive Order in 1948 to desegregate the military. Not mentioned is the fact that it was Eisenhower who actually took action to effectively end segregation in the military.

I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed at how well Democrats are able to con their constituents. One of their greatest lies for years has been that they are they “the party for black people.” An even better one has been that “Republicans hate blacks.” In an age when information is readily available to just about anyone who wants it, I’m not sure which is more egregious: the fact that liberals dare to promote these lies, or the tragedy that most of the general population actually seems to believe them.

Amid the recent remarks by newly elected RNC Chairman Michael Steele that Republicans need to reach out and “drill down and build coalitions in minority communities” and that many backs “look at the party as this bastion of racism, which it isn’t. Democrats have to keep defining us as racists because that’s how they stay in power”, I have to say that I agree with him. His statement has been the subject of controversy, but the truth is that since King’s generation, Republicans have failed to appeal to black Americans and minority groups in general.

While certain Republicans would like to insist that we don’t need these groups if they don’t want us, this is not only a destructive philosophy but one that is counter to our ideals in the first place. We as Republicans do what we do and believe what we believe because we understand that our principles are good for society as a whole. And if that’s the case, then we shouldn’t be afraid to take our message to every corner of society, regardless of demographic. In other words, minority groups such as blacks would benefit from embracing Republican ideology. It’s really common sense when you think about it: what have years of Democrat tyranny in urban areas ever done for the minorities who live there? I don’t know why Republicans are so afraid to expose Democrats for their lies and challenge Americans to think rationally.

Thankfully, there are a few who do have the fortitude to reach out to the black population and show them that it is the liberals who want to keep them down, keep them dependent, and keep them voting Democrat based on the false pretense that they can get something for nothing from the government. The National Black Republican Association led by Chairman Frances Rice has faced vicious animosity from the haters on the other side, but the NBRA has been bold in exposing Democrats as the real party of racists while explaining that Republican morals and principles like individual responsibility are really in the best interests of the black population.

It’s like John Hawkins, conservative columnist and professional blogger, says so piercingly:

… you can’t have a black man escaping from the Democratic plantation and living free as a Republican. If they allow that to go unchallenged, next thing you know, more black Americans will come to believe that they’re allowed to have political views of their own that don’t match up perfectly with whatever Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi think.

God forbid.

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