The Devil in Contemporary Left-Wing Mythology

According to Zarathushtra, the great prophet of Zoroastrianism, “the world is divided into good and evil“, with Angra Manyu, “the spirit of darkness and lies,” ruling the forces of evil. While today’s left doesn’t have a Zarathushtra, they do have their Angra Manyu, George W. Bush.

Even now, nearly three months after that good man has left the White House, the left is still obsessed with him; some acolytes of that faith eager to prove that conservative bloggers who, by and large defended him are remain the devil’s W’s disciples. Even after I provided several examples of the times GayPatriot bloggers (despite our defenses) did take issue with then then-President, it failed to alter the creed of those adherents to this new faith.

Despite evidence of our criticism (even a whole category devoted to where he went wrong) of that decent, but flawed man, they refuse to alter their conviction that we are “unquestioning defenders of George Bush and his policies.” The abundant evidence to the contrary is irrelevant. Thy do not let facts get in the way of their faith.

To do so would mean departure from their doctrine. Bush is the devil. And those who defended him were are devout devotees of him and his dangerous dogma.

Numerous conservative bloggers faulted Bush and congressional Republican for overspending when the GOP was in charge. But, to some, the evidence of our mixed feelings for the past president matters little. They so want to see us not as we are, but as they’d like us to be, so that they may more easily dismiss our ideas more readily hold firm to their faith.

As they repeat their mantra over and over and over again, they further reveal the tenets of that faith. It’s amazing how Manichean is their world view. Just like the Zoroastrianism, but without its nuance and appreciation for the potetial blending of the cosmic division in the real world.

Bush Derangement isn’t just a psychiatrist‘s term. It’s a religious creed.

Adapted from a post at GayPatriot.

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