The DU Thread Of The Day: They Don’t Call Them The Hate America Left For Nothing

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that not every liberal thinks like the people about to quote to you from the Democratic Underground. However, I don’ t think these people are on the fringes of the left either. Heck, John Kerry’s Blog links to the Democratic Underground. Do you think the Democratic candidate for President would be linking to a “fringe” website? Of course not! You never know, maybe one of these people IS John Kerry in disguise blowing a little steam after a hard day of campaigning.

Oh and by the way, it’s nice to see so many people at the DU living up to the old “hate America left” label. The honesty is refreshing….

skjpm: If by “America” you mean the majority living here now, then I hate America. If by “America” you mean the vision of the Founding Fathers, then I love America. But it’s hard to keep that vision in front of me when the majority of “Americans” are fundamentalist, fascistic, homophobic, racist, sexist, ignorant, American Idol-loving morons who think Bush is a strong leader. I think that the America I love is beyond retrieval because it would take more than a new President, it would take a re-awakening of a whole group of stupid people who don’t want re-awakening. Bush didn’t destroy America. Americans who had no idea of the wonderful country they were given destroyed America, and will continue to destroy it whether Kerry is elected or not.

Should I stay? Would you counsel someone to stay in an abusive relationship and hope that the person will stop hitting them if they can just reach the person somehow?

leftofthedial: “I knew some *wonderful* people who were strong supporters of the Nazi Party.

They gave to charity, worked hard, and held marvelous little soires at their homes.


Support for Bush is 100% qualification for the “stupid fascist” label.

Good Germans, good bushgang supporters. Same difference.

One of two things allows one to support the bushgang:

Willful ignorance of the evil being done. Willful ignorance = stupid.


Complicity in the evil. Complicity = fascist.

“There’s gonna be two dates on your tombstone, all your”

donsu: “try finding someone that is not a racist. try finding a man that is not a misogynist”

skjpm (later in the thread): “I am–what people are you looking at? Why is it so hard to admit that the majority of Americans are creeps? America should be a different kind of country–The Founding Fathers, whatever their own limits, set in motion a country that should, by now, be a beacon to the world. But Americans, particularly this generation, have destroyed that vision with their ignorance. Who are your neighbors? What are they doing? Do they calmly watch the children die on TV and then switch to Idol? That’s what my nieghbors do.

Umm… I need to run some errands, but I’ll come back to this thread. I never know how to keep a thread going.”

david_vincent: It’s not America you hate it’s Americans. I think you have an excellent point about the sheer idiocy of those who ascribe to the antidemocratic attitude of “you’re either with us or against us” since the advocacy of such a position, commonly held by those who believe themselves to be patriots, only reveals the adherent to be unworthy of the liberty they enjoy in this country, and claim to understand and love. I disagree with any contention that such people have not been in evidence throughout our history. I also have to point out that their numbers are not as great as you might think; they tend to be very outspoken and their self-righteousness and closedmindedness can easily lend them a false image of being more numerous than is really the case. Many, many Americans are neither loud nor extreme about their political views, and want mostly to be left in peace and security and have the chance to prosper, and I think that these moderates act as a keel to prevent the body politic from tilting too far to either side.

As for leaving: many people already have. Many others are making plans to leave if Gov. Bush is elected. It’s a personal choice and it should be made only after a great deal of research into possible destinations and sober reflection on the nonexistence of earthly paradise. My guess is that unless Kerry wins, there will be a noticeable exodus of talented, valuable people to other countries, and there are probably a lot of DUers who are considering it.”

Zorra: “You forgot bloodthirsty. This group you are speaking of loves the war and rejoices over every death and injury to any Iraqi or other Arabs. These people are so sick I would not be surprised if it gave them a secret thrill every time an American soldier was killed, in the same way that the crowds in the Roman coliseums were thrilled by combat and death.

Anything for a little “entertainment”. Some sadistic rush.

Look at all the violence and blood that is on television and movies.


I agree with you. A large number of Americans are very, very sick.
But it is not the majority.”

saracat: “I question the inclusion of American Idol.I find Idol hilarious and display none of the traits discussed in the post.I do , however agree with your opinion otherwise. I have stated for a long time that I do not care for Americans.Their current stupidity is unfathomable. I find the fact that in the faceof mounting eveidence they can have anyfaith at all in the Rat B@stard in the WH remarkable.The American diconnect is spectacular.I am ashamed to be an American!”

riverwalker: “agree with skjpm but you have to stay! Americans have a rep for being incredibly dumb. Go any where in the world and it is a standing joke. Most can’t even find other countries on a map, and know nothing of history. It’s our ignorance that makes us so dangerous, because we don’t even know how stupid we really are. There have been times when returning to this culture has left me totally depressed. It’s seems more insane when you leave it for a while, and look at it with a different perspective. It can be like entering an insane asylum.”

Mari333: Ive been having the same emotions about being here. They already took my kid to Iraq, they could take my other kids if Bush gets back in. I keep bringing it up to my husband about leaving, Im tired, I dont feel like this is my country anymore. Where I live, a GOP area, might have something to do with how I feel.

But if the majority of US citizens prefer fascism, and prefer to send over 700 kids to die for nothing, and prefer to allow the massacre of thousands of people, WTF am I doing here?

My husband says it will cost too much to leave. I say I could sell the house everything in it and just go. My house is paid for, I hate this area, I hate the people around me, and I have already been thru hell with a kid in Iraq. I am so caught in between leaving and staying. My husband wants to stay, I want to leave.

This is causing us a lot of concern and terror, in every way. I dont want to be a part of a country that embraces fascism.”

LastChance2004: “Wait Until After Election 2004. If chimpy gets selected again, we’re all in big trouble. The fascists you describe will start doing more than just voting, the “brownshirts” will be coming after people.

And the people like us will oppose them with whatever means necessary.

It’ll then get ugly, real ugly.”

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for finding this.

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