The Funny Quote Of The Week

The Funny Quote Of The Week: Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka from Something Awful (SA is an offensive humor page with lots of bad language) explains what members of the Libertarian party stand for to his readers…

“Libertarian — That means he takes the craziest ideas from the Conservatives, the craziest ideas from the Liberals, and then adds his own crazy ideas such as “mandatory hot air balloon races” and “every child in school must consume nine pounds of chalk per year.”

When Libertarians run candidates for office who have blue skin or hold ferrets in their campaign photos can you blame the general public for thinking that they’re just a little bit nuts?

***Update***: Mostly Wasted comments on Libertarian Pat Wright’s pro-ferret agenda…

“Apparently Americans just aren’t ready for a drugs, guns, and ferrets platform. Statistically most people do appear to favor the first two. However, it is the powerful and untested unification of the three that scares the bejesus out of voters. Pat Wright picked up less than 2% of the vote.

…The Democrats under Clinton and McAuliffe have lost touch with the one good thing Pat has going for him. Ideas. Granted, they are troubling ideas involving ferrets, guns, and drugs but the Democrats aren’t passionate about anything except winning. They don’t have an alternate plan for the war on terror, the economy, or even ferrets. They had nothing but scare tactics and the tragic death of one of their members as a foundation this year and it showed. “

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