The Future Of America Under ObamaCare

Politicians, being what they are, promise all things to all people. On health care, for example, they tell you that everything you like about the current health care system will stay in place, but that things will be much cheaper once they take over.

So, they’ll add a massive bureaucracy and thousands of new regulations, but now, it’ll be “free” because the government will pay for it. Of course, somebody will have to pay for it, but it’ll probably be those rich people — not you. And you’ll certainly be able to see your own doctor, your wait times for surgery won’t increase, we’ll still be on the cutting edge of medicine, and certainly they’re not going to let people die just to save money. Ehr….right?

Of course, when you look beyond the extravagant promises American politicians make about how wonderful socialized medicine is to what it actually looks like in a country like Britain, that already has it in place, you find out that reality is much uglier than the lovely picture they paint,

A boy of five has become the first British child to undergo a revolutionary procedure to cure a brain tumour.

But Alex Barnes had to travel to the U.S. to undergo proton therapy treatment, which is unavailable here.

He was given the all-clear last week, after six weeks of treatment which cost his family :£100,000.

Now his mother is urging the Government to follow the U.S. and other countries and bring the life-saving treatment to the UK.

Rosalie Barnes, 44, said: ‘My message is that they cannot let these children die.’

Alex was treated at a specialist centre in Florida last September.

Doctors in the UK, who discovered the tumour, advised his mother against having the proton treatment, which was pioneered in the U.S. 30 years ago.

…’At the age of five, radiation can cause terrible, terrible brain damage,’ she said. ‘It’s like a shotgun blast and not all the bullets hit the target. What is revolutionary about this treatment is that it does not do any of that. It’s like a sniper’s bullet.

‘We know the technology is out there and it’s not acceptable to let these children die or suffer serious brain damage when they don’t have to.’

Dr Andrzej Kacperek, head of the cyclotron centre in the Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology on Merseyside, said he was campaigning for the NHS to adopt proton therapy.

But the health service had shown reluctance to buy the machines, which can cost up to :£70million each.

Note that we’re talking about technology that we’ve had in the US for 30 years, that they still don’t have it in Britain. But, they’ve got to find a way to pay for the massive waste that the government inevitably brings to anything it becomes involved in, don’t they? Well, in Britain, they’re in such bad shape that they’re choosing to let five-year-olds die and get brain damage rather than spend money on the latest medical equipment.

Sneer at their callousness if you like, but the exact same sort of thing will eventually happen in the United States if Obama gets his way. Granted, since we already have the latest tech, it will take a while for us to get way behind the curve, but as sure as day follows night, it will happen.

Mark my words, if Obama gets wins out on health care, our children and grandchildren will suffer for it.

PS: Instead, we should be working to cut costs in the private system. We should institute tort reform to stop these exorbitant lawsuits that drive doctors out of business and lead to defensive medicine. We should be allowing the American people to buy insurance from any state to drive down costs. We should be giving tax breaks to individuals, not companies, to give people more choice, make health care portable, and cover many more people than our current system. There are a lot of things we can do to make health care cheaper AND better as opposed to decreasing the quality and making it more expensive, which is what Obama’s plan will do.

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