the Government Housing Scam…

What’s next? I’ll tell you what’s next…

The mortgage “crisis”. The housing “crisis”. First of all, it’s NOT a crisis. it’s a scam! By the liberal mainstream media and the government in order to try and get responsible people, to pay, for irresponsible peoples mistakes.

I’m going to solve the problem for you right now. Okay? They keep saying how the freaking prices of houses are going down. The prices of house are going down! The prices of houses are going down! We have to bailout the freaking mortgage industry. The prices of houses are NOT going down! If you have a house that is worth 200,000 dollars. it was ALWAYS worth 200,000 dollars. You thought it was worth 400,000 dollars over the last couple of years. Why? Because the government artificially inflated the housing market. They went to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and other mortgage companies and FORCED them to give loans and mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to pay them back. People who never should have had them to begin with.

So now you have all these people in the freaking housing market that never should have been there. In turn, builders started building more houses to accommodate these people. it was an illusion! It was a facade! The buyers didn’t exist and the houses didn’t need to be built!

Let’s say this. Let’s say you sell oranges. You stand on the corner and sell oranges for a dollar an orange. Then, all of a sudden, the government comes in and they starts giving people money to buy oranges. You have all these people. With all this money and all they can spend it on is oranges. The price of oranges are going to go through the roof. People are going to be spending 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 dollars for a freaking orange! Then all of a sudden the government comes out and says, listen, we can’t give you any more money to buy oranges. The price of oranges is going to drop dramatically. Probably down to a dollar an orange. Is the media going to come on t.v. and say, oh my god! We have a crisis in the orange industry! We have to bailout the orange industry. No!! Oranges are still going to be worth a dollar. Like they should have been all along if the government didn’t come in and artificially inflate the market.

So here’s the solution… Here’s the solution to the mortgage “crisis”…

First of all, if you own a house and you can’t pay the mortgage. You have to leave the house. You have to go out and rent, like you should have been doing from the freaking beginning! If you’re a builder and you built all of these houses in anticipation of all these people buying them and now you’re screwed cause they’re not. TOUGH! You’re out of luck. You took a chance and you lost. If you’re a bank and you lent money to somebody and now they can’t pay back they’re freaking mortgage. You have to foreclose on the house. You have to resell it, at fair market value. You know who wins under my plan? YOU DO!! The responsible citizen. The person who lived within his means. The person who put a couple of dollars away each week. Now, you can take your savings. Go into the housing market and get a house at a reasonable price!

Would you people WAKE UP! The solution is simple. It’s staring you in the freaking face! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!

What’s next! What’s next!! What’s next!!!

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