The Healing Sounds of ObamaCare

What will healthcare be like, when it is controlled by the militant flakes who dominate the Democrat Party and the primary objective is to contain cost? Maybe like this video of Maui sound healing:

Tibetan bowls are at the cutting edge of sound healing technology:

The first Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School (TBSHS) in the country has opened in Encinitas, CA. ( … TBSHS has been created to provide a criterion of excellence from which clients can measure practitioners skill and assure client safety. The school is dedicated to the research, awareness of and training in the uses of the Tibetan Sacred Sound Instruments as therapeutic and transformational modalities. It offers a Certification Program that insures a high standard of excellence in this modality for aspiring practitioners.

It doesn’t matter that socialized medicine dissuades people from becoming doctors. What do you need doctors for when you have Tibetan singing bowls?

The bowls do heal.

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The moonbatification of healthcare means we won’t need hospitals either. Instead, the sick can go to more economically efficient institutions like the Sacred Sound Residential Retreat. Here new patients are admitted:


At Sacred Sound, another patient is cured with Tibetan singing bowls:


Think of the savings when we do away with all those expensive hospital devices, manufactured by greedy corporations who rape the earth in pursuit of profit. Comrade Obama’s first choice for Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Daschle is right: we don’t want medical innovation, which only raises costs and causes more carbon emissions by keeping people alive.

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