The latest on Steyn and Levant

Most of you have heard by now that conservative writers Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant are being dragged before Canadian Human Rights tribunals: Steyn over his book America Alone, and (YouTube’s latest star) Levant for publishing the “Mohammed” cartoons.

We’ve got Canada’s liberal elite so mad that last week one of its leading operatives (think of him as Canada’s James Carville…) blogged that Steyn, Levant — and yours truly, along with another blogger — should hire lawyers in advance of his wrath. Apparently our attacks on the HRC have gone too far for his liking.

Well, I’ve yet to be served papers, but you never know. Naturally, Steyn already has lawyers for this mess, and Levant IS one. As for me, I’m just thrilled to be included in such august company!

Ezra’s response: he wants to create a Bloggers Defense Fund. He outlines the idea here. As well, he wants to educate bloggers on how to deal with treats of legal action, which, many times are just that: empty threats.

Anyway: you can follow the very latest Steyn/Levant news at

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