The Left Just Doesn’t Get It When It Comes To Terrorists

The Left Just Doesn’t Get It When It Comes To Terrorists: Dever from “The Society Of Preservation Of Clue” said something so spot-on in one of the RWN comments sections that I thought I should post it for everyone’s amusement…

“… And yet they don’t get it. All of these folks who think we need to understand the point of view of the terrorists and rethink our strategies – they don’t get it. If they walked up to Ahmed-the-Islamaic-Jihadist, the conversation might go something like this:

Ahmed: Hello.

Joe-Liberal: Hello there oppressed multi-ethnic villager. My name is Joe and I want you to know that, as an American citizen, I understand your plight. I want to understand your point of view and feel your pain as my government and the government of Israel have oppressed you and your children.

Ahmed: Excuse me, did you say you were American?

Joe-Liberal: Yes, and I understand that-


Ahmed: Hey! Hey! I just killed an American! Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. *throws candy to small children*”

If you liked that little quip, make sure to bookmark Dever’s page so you can go back there and listen to his internet radio show every Thursday. I’ve listened to it and it’s actually pretty good…

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