The Mainstream Media’s Family Circus Sideshow: Palin vs. Obama

One of the much remarked upon annoying things that pompous *ss Jon Stewart does on a regular basis is his “clown nose on / clown nose off” routine.

In between his jokes, he makes serious political points. However, if he gets called on it, it’s “Woah, woah, I’m just a comedian.” In other words, he likes to play at being a serious political commentator, but when he gets taken to task for it, he pretends that he does no such thing.

Well, the mainstream medialoves to do the same thing with scandalous gossip. When say, John Edwards, gets caught cheating on his wife, they wouldn’t be caught dead printing that sort of trash unless they have no other choice. But, when Levi Johnston acts like white trash by going on the Tyra Banks Show to attack the Palins, the media jumps on it with both feet.

There are so many examples of this that could be used, but let’s focus on one very apt comparison:

Sarah Palin’s family vs. Barack Obama’s family.

There’s a circus-like atmosphere surrounding Sarah Palin’s family because the mainstream media has created it.

When Palin’s daughter Bristol had sex before marriage and got pregnant — the media ate it up with a spoon. They focused on her and Levi Johnston. They claimed Sarah Palin’s son Trig was really Bristol’s child. They dug into the divorce records of a Palin family friend in hopes of finding that he had been having an affair with Palin — and came up with nothing. Then, Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin broke up and he was welcomed on the Tyra Banks show and they wrote about that. Now they’re writing articles discussing it further as they deflect criticism over discussing it in the first place, yada, yada, yada.

Now, if Bristol’s last name had been Obama, instead of Palin, there would have been almost no media coverage of her pregnancy. Levi Johnston wouldn’t have been welcome on the Tyra Banks Show and even if he had, it certainly wouldn’t have been covered in the Washington Post.

As proof of that, look at Barack Obama’s extended family. The only family with more criminals in it is the Mafia, yet the press barely discusses it. He’s got one brother who’s a junky and was living in a hut, another one who’s a sex offender, and an Aunt who’s an illegal alien. If their last names had been “Palin” instead of Obama, every news show in America would have been talking non-stop about Samson Palin and what he’s accused of doing,

Barack Obama’s half-brother was denied entry to the UK after being accused of a serious crime on an earlier visit, the Home Office has confirmed.

Samson Obama, who lives in Kenya, was on his way to the US presidential inauguration in January when he was stopped at East Midlands Airport.
According to the News of the World, fingerprint tests linked him to an alleged sex attack on a British girl.

A Home Office spokesman said Samson Obama was denied a visa after immigration officers noticed one of his documents was false. That led them to further inquiries.

Had Sarah Palin’s aunt, like Obama’s Auntie Zeituni Onyango, been living in the US illegally since 2000, every newspaper in America would have written an editorial criticizing Palin for it.

If Sarah Palin had admitted that she had done coke, like Barack Obama has, every newspaper in America would have been demanding she take a drug test to prove she still wasn’t using after her brother was found to be getting high all day long in Kenya.

This is how the mainstream media operates. They create a Piccadilly circus for people they hate and then point at it and say, “How could we not cover it?” But, they prove perfectly capable of ignoring it when a politician they like deserves their unflattering attention and then they point to their own refusal to embarrass someone they support and say, “Nobody is interested in that!”

This is one of the reasons that the mainstream media is going out of business while the new media is increasingly growing and thriving at their expense.

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