The Mess Harry Reid “Inherited” from Himself

It seems to be the standard Democratic practice now to blame the economic crisis on George W. Bush as if Democrats’ hands were perfectly clean and they had done everything possible to prevent this from happening. Last month, the President said he “inherited” the budget deficit at the same time he was making plans to leave his successor an even bigger deficit.

Now, his fellow Democrat Harry Reid has called the recent Senate passage of the president’s budget is “a critical step” in the direction of cleaning “up the mess we inherited.” Well, it’s a mess Harry Reid inherited from himself given that he began his tenure as Senate Majority Leader well over two years ago.

Wonder what he did it that time to forestall the current crisis. He held a leadership position in one of the three branches of the federal government, the branch with the power over the federal purse strings. He was in a position to prevent this from happening.

In short, even before he took the reins in the Senate, Mr. Reid had the power to take action to avert this crisis. Instead of using his position to effect reform, he used it to block it.

Indeed, in the two years prior to taking charge in the Senate, as the leader of the opposition, he did everything in his power to obstruct Republican reforms. He didn’t want them to see any succees. He did nothing to discourage his Democratic colleagues, notably Connecticut’s Chris Dodd, from thwarting legislation then-President Bush and Republicans proposed to reform the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

He inherited a mess that he helped create. This mess is as much his as it is the former President’s and the budget he and his Senate Democrats just approved will only serve to aggravate matters.

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