The Moonbat Broadcasting System: Chickenhawk Obama Cranks Up The Murder Machine!

(moonbat on) If Barack Obama had ever served in the military, maybe he wouldn’t be so callous about sending American troops to their deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many funerals of the men he has sent to their deaths has Barack Obama attended? Guess he’s too busy stealing the Iraqis’ oil and trying to start a war with Pakistan. Oh, and why hasn’t he caught Osama Bin Laden yet? Maybe he’s too busy giving speeches to his adoring fans in the media, who never challenge him on anything he does in foreign policy.

And is it me, or didn’t we elect a Democratic President who promised a break from the policies of the Bush Administration? The prison at Guantanamo Bay? It’s still open and even the Democrats in Congress won’t vote to pull the funding. Obama refused to release the Gitmo pics, he’s still in favor of rendition, he is still backing military tribunals, and now he wants to “incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried” — just like George Bush. Aren’t those all things we spent years complaining about? Aren’t those policies a big part of the reason we wanted to get rid of Bush and replace him with Obama?

Yet, there are no anti-war protests going on. No “blood for oil” posters. No giant puppet head Obamas. No Code Pink screaming during his press conferences. Why? Because it’s bad when Republicans do it, but okay when we do it? You don’t see Republicans turning on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because Obama is in charge, do you? So what does that say about them compared to what our silence says about us?

Since we don’t have the guts to speak out against Obama, what does that tell the sheeples in America about those of us in the anti-war movement? Either we didn’t really care about what we were saying and only complained because a Republican was in charge or alternately, we were so uninformed about the options that we didn’t realize there wasn’t much of a choice. In other words, either we’re hypocrites or just too dumb to be commenting on political issues.(/moonbat off)

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This has been a test of what anti-war liberals would sound like, if they had any integrity. Since they don’t, this is only a test.

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