The Most Annoying Show On Television: Real Chance Of Love?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a good judge of bad TV. Setting aside the fact that I’m a complete Philistine who tends to like trash TV, I do almost no channel surfing and rarely watch anything other than my favorite shows via DVR.

That being said, I accidentally happened across a show called “Real Chance of Love” on VH1 and this may be the single least appealing show I’ve ever seen on television.

The show features women with names like “Corn Fed,” “Bay Bay Bay,” & “Meatball” trying to win the hearts of two brothers named “Real” and “Chance”…

Real and Chance

One of the brothers is greasy and effeminate while the other is just weird looking. Both of them dress like rejects from the New Kids on the Block (And yes, I did mean to reference an eighties boy band), talk in slang, and manage to come across as both arrogant and unlikable.

As they pick the “lucky” girls who make it through each stage, they hand them a big, ugly eighties style chain to signify that they made it to the next round.

Granted, I only watched about 20 minutes of the show, so I’m not entirely sure which brother is “Chance” and which one is “Real,” what these women win if they make it to the end of the show (surely it isn’t just about dating these two goof balls), or how the hell these losers got a show in the first place, but there are two things I’m sure of…

#1) Every time either “Real” or “Chance” is on the screen, I have this almost instinctual urge to bludgeon them senseless with a heavy object and…

#2) The women on this show should all be doing something more dignified like appearing on a “Who’s my baby daddy” week on Jerry Springer.

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