The Mother of All Fiskings

Some self-designated “doctor of journalism” decided to take on Mark Steyn, who opens up a can of forensic whupass on the aforesaid professor:

Not for the first time you realise that, for the lazy white liberal, driving around with a “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY” sticker absolves one from having to take the slightest interest in other cultures. . . .
I think Professor Waggy-Finger is doing what they call “projecting”. He’s accusing me of everything he’s been doing himself. . . . . To be more charitable to you than you deserve, you assume that Oriana Fallaci and I so want to think the worst of Islam that we’ll fall for any old hooey. Actually not. On the other hand, you so want to think the worst of us blowhard provocateurs that you assume we’re as ignorant of Islam as you evidently are. . . .
[H]e has accused me of failing to provide a source for a quote: False. He’s accused me of making up famous rulings of the Ayatollah: False. He’s declared flat out that there is no such thing as a Khomeini “Blue Book”: False. And people pay money to study “responsible journalism” with this guy?

The subject is the Ayatollah’s rulings on, inter alia, having sex with 9-year-olds — a green light, Allahu Akbar! — so read the whole thing.

Critics of Islamic barbarism are denounced by liberals for much the same reason Joe McCarthy was denounced by liberals. It is vitally important for liberals to convince Americans that they have no enemies other than Republicans. Ergo, liberals worried less about the subversive efforts of Kremlin stooges than about the Republican effort to expose the stooges, and they worry less about terrorism than about Republican efforts to apprehend terrorists. And conservative columnists who tell the truth about the Ayatollah’s rulings are more of a danger, liberals would have you believe, than the genocidal Jew-hating regime in Tehran.

I wonder if hating Republicans is considered a violation by the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

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