The MSM Saw Obsolescence Coming…..

Should the New York Times go non-profit? That’s a thought. Will it matter if they do? I’m not sure.

From Gizmodo (who has a great video):

The piece is about the earliest days of digital media, when the lucky few home computer users could view content from a handful of prominent papers on their “television screens” by dialing into their CompuServe Information Service with their rotary phones.

It’s interesting to see how many people involved in the project at the Examiner and elsewhere had a resolutely realistic take on the whole thing, assuming, despite how clunky current technologies were, that digital media was the unavoidable future–a sentiment that has since lost favor in newsrooms, now that it’s actually coming to pass

Yes, well, it’s one thing to know you’re obsolete in theory. It’s another thing, to actually experience it.

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