The Mummified Possum From Under My Bathroom

So, I’m having work done on the floor of my house and today one of the contractors was tearing up my bathroom floor. He found what I think of as a country boy’s Tutankhamen’s tomb. No gold, no artifacts, just a mummified possum that apparently crawled under my house and died at some point:

Mummified Possum

The fact that it was hard as a rock (I assume it was anyway. I certainly didn’t poke the hideous little thing to make sure) and that I don’t ever recall smelling anything foul in that area may be an indication that it has been there for years, since before I moved into the house.

Even if I hadn’t noticed a possum living under my bathroom, I’m pretty sure the dog would have picked up on it. If he can hear another dog he likes walking around a football field away from the house, certainly he would have figured out that there was a marsupial living a few inches under his feet.

PS: This is why the internet is so great. Ten years ago, you would have just heard about a mummified possum under someone’s house. Now, not only can you actually see it, you can send the pic to your friends. Moreover, twenty years from now, after some mummified possum is used to beat Miley Cyrus to death in the latest horror film from Rob Zombie, I’ll get 10,000 hits on the image from the Bing/Google Search conglomerate. Welcome to the world of new media: bringing technology and dead possums together.

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