The NAACP Can Go Ahead And Shut Down If…

this is what they’ve been reduced to publicly crying about.

The head of the Colorado Springs NAACP is crying foul after a picture of President Obama was removed from a sign at the Peterson Air Force Base commissary.

…The Defense Commissary Agency, which oversees the store, says employees took it down after customers complained that the holiday is about Presidents Washington and Lincoln, not Obama.

Rosemary Harris, president of the Colorado Springs branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, says the commissary’s decision “bodes poorly for the progress that we hoped we would see in this country.”

You can’t walk through a magazine section or bookstore in America without seeing President Government’s face plastered everywhere, almost in the same sort of way you’d probably see Kim Jong-Il’s face all over North Korea.

But, someone gets tired of seeing dear leader’s face on one sign somewhere in the country, and suddenly, what’s probably the single least racist nation on the face of planet earth is supposed to be South Africa during apartheid.

If this were a racist country, a black man couldn’t have been elected President with a 70% white population. So, let me speak for hundreds of millions of Americans in telling the NAACP that they can take their race hustling and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

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