The NC Coastal Conservative Conference: Voter-Fraud-O-Rama + Pics

I went to the NC Coastal Conservative Conference on Friday. The Leadership Institute did training, Americans for Prosperity was involved, there was a debate, and they had some speakers afterwards for dinner (which I missed), but there was something in particular that was discussed that deserved some more attention.

At one point, there was a little discussion on voter fraud that got going that deserves some wider circulation. Keep in mind, as you hear these stories, none of the people telling them knew who I was or had the capability of spreading what they said to a wider audience.

First of all, a consultant told the audience that some of his opponents would bus into a polling location, had them a sheet with a name and address on it, have them vote, then take them to location after location where they do the same thing. So, if you’re wondering what harm those phony voter registration groups like ACORN collect — well, now you know.

Another person, who had volunteered to be a poll watcher, told everyone a story about how he saw someone walk into a polling station, go up to the registrar and ask to vote. She asked for his name and address and he said, “Come on, I thought you were going to hook me up!” The poll watcher then stepped in and told the guy to get lost.

A third person, who was just a regular voter, told us this story about the person ahead of him in line to vote. He said the person walked up, told the registrar the street he lived on, and said my name’s “Smith.” The registrar said, “There’s no Smith on that street.” He then said, “How about Jones?” Again, the registrar said, “No, there’s no Jones on that street.” Next, he said, “How about Washington?” — Long story short, the guy went through five different last names and on the 5th one, the registrar said, “Yes, I found you, sir, you can go vote.”

Now, could all of these people be making these stories up? Sure, it’s possible, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

There are two lessons from that.

#1) We need to fight harder than ever to make sure that picture ID is required at the polls.

#2) We need to make sure we have competent poll watchers at the polls, in every questionable district, not just on election day, but on every day of early voting.

Also, I took a lot of pictures, but because of circumstances, a lot of them were long distance shots in rooms where the lighting wasn’t very good. Because of that, a lot of pics didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped.

Still, from my perspective, better six pics than none at all.

NC Coastal Conservative Conference

A debate between the candidates for NC Party Chair: Chad Adams, Tom Fetzer, Marcus Kindley, & William Randall. All of them seemed pretty sharp, but Randall needs to start with lower office and get some experience.

NC Coastal Conservative Conference

Pat McCrory, who ran for Governor of North Carolina and lost.

NC Coastal Conservative Conference

Benny – Bangin Al Dosakee, an Iraqi who helped our troops in his home country, came here last year and became a citizen, got involved in politics, and was there helping out with the event.

NC Coastal Conservative Conference

The local Americans for Prosperity rep talking with some guy.

NC Coastal Conservative Conference

The only one of my “random hotty from the crowd” shots that came out fairly well.

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