The New York Times Is Outraged By Saddam’s “Male Only” Golf Course By Marni Malarkey

The New York Times Is Outraged By Saddam’s “Male Only” Golf Course By Marni Malarkey: The New York Times has stunned readers and media watchers by announcing on today’s editorial page their “full, 200% support” for a US invasion of Iraq, “whether it is unilateral or not.” The change of heart came when the Times’ editorial board discovered that Saddam Hussein had opened a male-only country club outside Baghdad called “Pine Acres and Weapons Grade Plutonium Hills.” The club, where Baghdad’s “elite meet to eat,” according to Tariq Aziz, features a golf course, tennis courts, swishy restaurants and a day spa, and costs the Iraqi equivalent of $175,000 a year to join. Pine Acres and Weapons Grade Plutonium Hills is also the host of the yearly “Sunni Open” golf tournament as well as the “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” annual Tennis Invitational.

The Times’ editorial called the country club “sexist” and said that “Americans cannot stand by and allow such treatment of women to go unpunished and unchecked. It is time to stand up to Saddam. His transgressions up until now have been fairly bad, but the creation of this bastion of chauvinism proves that he is barbaric and irredeemable.” Also newly on the pro-war bandwagon are Janeane Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange and Barbra Streisand. Phil Donahue and Alan Alda, upon learning of the restricted membership at Pine Acres and Weapons Grade Plutonium Hills, issued a joint statement saying that “as incredibly sensitive men who aren’t afraid of their feelings and who aren’t afraid of crying we have to show solidarity with oppressed women everywhere. So — ‘bombs away!'”

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