The Next Level: The Obama Unicorn Statue! Plus, As A Bonus: New Sarah Palin Comic Cover

As regular readers of RWN know, I LOVE Obama/unicorn art. How can anyone not love it? Not only does it perfectly sum up Obama’s campaign, the way the media treats him, and the way his supporters view him, it’s just so cheesy & kitschy! It’s like a Jackie Chan movie had a love child with a Chia Pet and there, in all its glory, was Barack Obama on a unicorn.

Well now, happily, there are not only Obama on a unicorn photos, there is an Obama on a unicorn folk art doll!

Obama on a unicorn folk art doll

Please meet President Obama and His Unicorn Temperance. I am a Obama fan myself. I love the chain smoking guy. heheahah…I DO have hope for our future….I hope. lol.

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…Obama is jointed, but sits securley on the Unicorn..wont come off..unless you are mean to Obama AND Temprence and yank them apart. But you don’t want to do that….huh.

The Base is a paper mache box…sturdy and lightly weighted. handcut paper dyes, modged podged on….support Obama…and His Magical Future and Buy this set! =0)

Obama on a unicorn folk art doll

Seldom in the, uh — let’s say — cough, cough, “notable” cough, cough — history of “folk art dolls,” can there possibly have been a statue as full of win and awesome as this one. Let’s hope it starts a trend.

Super special full of win eBay bonus! The new Sarah Palin comic book cover,

Sarah Palin comic cover

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