The Prejudices Some Liberals Harbor About Minority Conservatives

Beyond being a Saturday guest poster on this blog, I blog regularly at GayPatriot, one of the leading gay conservative blogs. Being a gay conservative blogger has afforded me a unique perspective into the changing attitudes of conservatives toward gays and the seemingly stultified ones of all too many on the left.

While some of our readers on the left have showed great respect for our ideas, frequently using the comments section to raise valid criticism of our ideas, all too many would rather dismiss us as hypocrites than respond to our arguments. They readily call us “self-loathing,” akin to Jewish Nazis or black Klansman. (I’ve heard the insults for so long now they have long since lost their sting.)

Michelle Malkin, penned, er pixeled, a post yesterday which reminded me that gay conservatives are not the only ones to be so insulted by the supposedly broad-minded left. She finds that some liberals trot out the slur on a regular basis when describing minority conservatives:

Minority conservatives hold a special place of gutter contempt in the minds of unhinged liberals, who can never accept the radical concept of a person of color rejecting identity politics.

The haters have it bass-ackwards. In fact, “self-loathing” minorities love themselves, their families, and their liberty too much to succumb lazily to Big Nanny, race-card ideology.

One-time comedienne Janeane Garofalo used the “self-loathing” slur most recently to describe Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. So narrow-minded are these people that they assume that an individual’s skin color, ethnic background or sexual orientation means he or she has to hold a particular point of view.

That’s a pretty prejudiced attitude toward minorities as it assumes individual members of those groups can’t think for themselves.

I wonder why it is that so many on the left so readily label those holding different points of view rather than respond to (or even recognize) their arguments. Garofalo thinks there’s “something wrong” with people who “follow” the GOP. That attitude is not too far removed from that of Soviet Communists who would submit those who disagreed with the regime to psychiatric treatment.

Let me repeat: why do such liberals choose to insult their ideological adversaries rather than consider our ideas?

Adapted from a post at GayPatriot.

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