The Press Struggles Over How Best To Help President: Is The Recession Over Or Do We Need Another Stimulus?

Everyone is trying to help the ailing Health Care legislation and therefore help President Obama. The question is: Does a bad economy help or hurt Obama?

On the one hand, a bad, getting worse economy frightens people who might be out of work and might run out of benefits.

On the other hand, a good economy could encourage people and help them think that maybe America can afford a huge new entitlement, because other people, rich people, people who have jobs will be taxed, not me.

As usual, the Obama media is trying to make it okay for Team Obama. Paul Krugman wrote a couple weeks ago that another stimulus bill might be needed. Newsweek boldly states that the Recession Is Over!

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So what’s your take?

A bad economy _______ President Obama’s desire for Government Run Health Care legislaton.
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