The Real Clinton Legacy

The Real Clinton Legacy: Rush Limbaugh made an excellent point about Bill Clinton today on his show…

“The bottom line is, before Clinton came to office, Pakistan and India did not have nuclear weapons. Now they do. Before he came to office, Red China was unable to target American cities with nuclear warheads. Now they can. Before he came to office, North Korea did not have nuclear weapons. Now they do. And while he was in office, he did nothing to stop Iraq from its nuclear weapons development.”

There are plenty of other foreign policy disasters we could add to that list as well. Bin Laden & al-Queda were allowed to come to prominence under the Clinton administration (if only he’d actually accepted Bin Laden when Sudan offered him in 1996). The “Black Hawk Down” incident in Somalia. America’s capacity to gather “human” intelligence was destroyed by the Clinton administration with an assist from Jim Torricelli. The current Palestinian Intifada started under the Clinton administration as well.

Now I don’t blame Bill Clinton exclusively for all of these things but he did significantly contribute to all of them with his foreign policy. Clinton, like so many other Democrats, seemed to believe that “talk” and treaties could take care of any disagreement we had with other countries. Clinton also acted as if the only appropriate use of the military was as some sort of peace-keeping force that was to be used only when our interests weren’t at stake. Now Bush, much like Reagan after Carter, is spending much of his time dealing with messes that were actually exacerbated his predecessor’s incompetence and inaction.

I think we should keep all this in mind when Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Madeline Albright run around shooting their mouths off about US foreign policy even as we’re reaping the bitter harvest of their foreign policy.

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