The Rightosphere Temperature Check For June: Sanford, Atheists, Health Care, Oh My!

Right Wing News emailed more than 260 right-of-center bloggers and asked them several questions. The following 62 blogs responded,

The Absurd Report, All American Blogger, All That Is Necessary, The American Princess, And Rightly So, Argghhhh!, Axis of Right, AtlanticBlog, Bad Example, Basil’s Blog, BitsBlog, BizzyBlog, Bookworm Room, Bright & Early, Keith Burgess-Jackson, Cara Ellison, Conservatism Today, Copious Dissent, The Dawn Patrol,, Dispatches from Blogblivion, Dodgeblogium, Drumwaster’s Rants, Exurban League, Katie Favazza, Fetching Jen, Fraters Libertas, Girl On The Right, GOPUSA Northeast, GraniteGrok, Guardian Watchblog, House of Eratosthenes, Paul, Infidels Are Cool, JackLewis, Keepin’ It Rural, Little Miss Attila, Lotus Blog, Mean Ol’ Meany , Midnight Blue, Moonbattery, mountaineer musings, Mount Virtus, Musings, My Aisling, No Oil For Pacifists, Outside The Beltway, Patterico’s Pontifications, Pirate’s Cove, Pursuing, Reformed Chicks Blabbing, Right View from the Left Coast, Right Wing Video, Samizdata, Josh Schroeder, Sister Toldjah, The Sundries Shack, The TrogloPundit, Villainous Company, Weapons of Mass Discussion, WILLisms, Wolking’s World

The bloggers were asked to select answers to the following questions (because some bloggers skipped particular questions, gave answers that weren’t listed, or gave answers that were difficult to categorize, there are not 62 responses to each question.)

1) Do you think Mark Sanford should resign as Governor of South Carolina?

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Yes: 53.2% (33 votes)
No: 46.8% (29 votes)

2) Do you believe manmade global warming is occurring right now?

Yes: 6.5% (4 votes)
No: 93.5% (58 votes)

3) If Barack Obama’s health care plan were to pass, do you think care would become:

A) Cheaper and of better quality: 0.0% (0 votes)
B) Cheaper and of lesser quality: 4.8% (3 votes)
C) More expensive and of better quality: 0.0% () votes)
D) More expensive and of less quality: 95.2% (59 votes)

4) What grade would you give Barack Obama on his handling of the crisis in Iran?

A-B: 3.2% (2 votes)
C: 16.1% (10 votes)
D-F: 80.6% (50 votes)

5) Do you think groups like the Club for Growth that back primary challenges towards Republican candidates they view as insufficiently principled are helping or hurting the conservative cause?

A) Helping: 80.3% (49 votes)
B) Hurting: 19.7% (12 votes)

6) Would you vote for an atheist for President?

Yes: 67.2% (41 votes)
No: 32.8% (20 votes

7) Do you believe, as a general rule, that conservatives are more moral than liberals?

Yes: 77% (47 votes)
No: 23% (14 votes)

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