The Strange Lives Of Political Wives

My friend Stephen Kruiser has a strange case of Tourette’s Syndrome. Every time the news gets too anti-Obama-heavy, he yells, “DELTOIDS!” That’s the press’ mantra to sooth themselves in tough Obama times….a nice, puffy piece about Michelle Obama’s striking physique.

But think about it, this woman is a lawyer and a mother. How lame must it be to be reduced to her muscle definition? How sexist. How racist.

My latest Pajama’s Media column is about the Strange Lives of Political Wives:

Political wives. Can you think of a worse job? Married to type A personalities with more than a little bit of a narcissistic streak, these women — often educated and accomplished in their own right — must present a subservient demeanor and a sunny picture of their spouses or risk their spouses’ success. In addition, they often play a big part in their husbands’ careers by campaigning or crafting strategy. It is a rare politician whose wife operates outside the inner political circle.

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For the article, I interviewed a political wife at the very beginning of her journey. After talking to such a nice woman and mother, it made me wonder why anyone would seek politics. What a nasty business it all is.

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